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NOTE: Please do not email Ken with requests for technical support for dBASE™. That is not his job. If you need technical help, please visit the dBASE™ Plus Newsgroups, or contact dBase, LLC's Technical Support team.

Please do not put URLs (web addresses) into the message -- I have a spam filter that checks for these, due to issues with all those spambots that stuff "messages" into any forms they find on the web and submit them. If you must send me a URL for some reason, please send an email to the following address (note I have some code set up that will make it difficult for bots that scrape websites for email addresses to get the info):

If you are having issues with the various channels for purchasing my books, please understand that I honestly have no control over how they do business. Contacting me will not expedite matters with those companies. Here are support email addresses for them:

Source Code for The dBASE Book, The dBASE Reports Book, The dBASE Book Plus
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