One Last Bit ...

One of the things that sets the SCA apart from a lot of other organizations is an emphasis on courtesy and honor.

I thought I'd add a bit of advice that has always stuck with me (and I try to follow it, although I do fail sometimes -- I'm only human, after all). This is from an article in the original (first printing © 1979, SCA) Known World Handboke, the article is called Courtesy and Etiquette in the Current Middle Ages by Diana Listmaker:

1. Treat your inferiors in rank, knowledge, or experience in the Society as if they were your equals; treat your equals as if they were your superiors; treat officers as representatives of the King; and treat the King and Queen with the reverence due your sovereigns.

2. Use medieval forms of address.

3. Be faithful to your lord and your word.

4. Gentleman, honor all ladies.

5. Ladies, remain worthy of all honor.

6. Touch no man's goods unasked; give and receive with grace.

7. Be gentle to the stranger.

8. Raise your sword, but not your voice.

9. Let the slain man tell if he be slain.

10. Reverence the King and Queen.

She goes on in the article to elaborate, but most of this makes a lot of sense. If you attempt to live by these ten tenets, you should get along well with everyone in the SCA (more or less ...).

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